Beyond Measure

I remember now why it is difficult to write.  This weekend we’ve had basketball, snowboarding, Sadies dinner and dance, basketball, Music Man theatre practice, Pep Band, and more basketball.  And after feeding everyone in between, I’m tired.   I can sit here and have my quiet time early in the morning, but to actually produce a piece of writing becomes quite a task.

Still, I woke up this morning.  I am blessed beyond measure.  

Let us not forget it.  We are well-fed, well-rested, plenty-of-clean-water kind of people who have margin in their lives for basketball and dancing.  That’s amazing.  

We’re also broken and surrounded by brokenness.  I have been watching it and feeling it for several years.  I have considered the state of the world and have despaired.  I have wallowed in that pain at times, falsely believing that was compassion.   Wallowing is not compassion.

My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer this month.  Another friend’s husband was in a terrible accident and must live in a rehab facility for four months to heal his broken bones and learn to walk again.  Will I just sit here and feel sorry for them?  No, compassion requires me to act in love, outside of myself.  Compassion is action.

I’m not going to change the state the world.  It’s much too big.  But I can affect my little circle of influence.  

God is speaking this same message to many of you.  You’ve dispaired too.  But God is waking us up.  He is speaking to those who have an ear to hear. He is setting all things into place.  

This spiritual awakening is a quiet one, nearly hidden.  Most people, even within the church, will not recognize it.  It’s too easy to be distracted by basketball and Sadies dances.  But it is a great awakening nonetheless.   There is a mighty earthquake under our feet.  In our quiet times with Him, the Word is coming alive like never before.  His words are springing to life!  He is currently in the process of clothing us with strength and dignity so we can laugh at the days to come (Proverbs 30:25).  Stand with courage and love, Church.  



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