Yes, Lord

I’ve been quiet in my writing.  I’ve held myself back from what I really should be writing about.  God has spoken clearly to me in these past few years as I’ve sought him.  He’s said plenty.  It’s all in my journal.  But I’ve held back.   

There are plenty of reasons I’ve held back.  I’m busy, my husband has a public job, and I’d rather have my privacy in this crazy world.  But mostly I’ve held back because I  am fearful of man and his opinion. Because I’m worried about what others will think, I’ve not obeyed what God has asked me to do–to write and to speak of His righteousness.  

I’ve been more fearful of man than I have been of God.  I’m convicted.  I’ve been wrong, and it’s time to let all that go.  I may offend.  I may be unfriended.  I may be targeted to have my head cut off.  I’m done worrying about any of that.  If God is truly my refuge and strength, isn’t it time for me to believe it and walk it out?


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