Jesus on a Snowboard

A few days ago, on Christmas Eve day, I sat in the Mt. Spokane ski lodge instead of cleaning my bathrooms at home. It was only a few hours before my extended family arrived. I still needed to clean, wrap, bake, decorate.

But it was opening day on the mountain. After weeks of waiting to use his very first ever season pass, Mt. Spokane finally had enough snow to open. Lucas was geared up and ready–not begging me like a spoiled child, but expectant like an innocent puppy. The kid who I’ve had to drag to sports practices over the years–the one who frequently or (in)conveniently forgets pieces of important sports gear–was all perfectly packed with every crazy piece of gear that snowboarding requires. So I caved.

As we climbed higher up the slippery two-lane road in my dirty minivan, the joy I saw on my Lucas’ face was so worth all the things I left behind.

When we arrived on top, we were one of the first cars in the parking lot. We settled on a meeting place, and I quietly pulled him aside, “Lucas, can I pray for you like I pray for Ryan before his basketball games?” A slow smile spread across his face, like he got it. He nodded and said, “Ok”. So I grabbed his hand and prayed in his ear, “Lord, be right next to Lucas as he does what he loves. Keep his body healthy and injury-free. Help him make connections with others as he is up there on that hill.” We finished. He grinned and said, “Thanks, mom.” And then he headed out into the clouds.

As Lucas turned to wave at me, I had this picture of gnarly Jesus walking right next to him, all-geared up, carrying his own board, turning back to throw me a hang-loose sign and stick out his tongue in joy.

It may be a pretty irreverent way to see Jesus, but still…I believe He loves being right next to us as we do the things we love.