Psalm 91, Very Personally Paraphrased

I will dwell in His shelter
I will rest in His shadow.
I will say of my God,
“You are my refuge,
You are my fort.
You are my God
And my safest place.
I trust you complete.”

I will rest here,
Not give in to this fear.
For sure, he saves me
From Satan’s sneak-snare.
For sure, he saves me from
Plague and despair.
I refuge with Him
Under His wing and feather
His faithfulness my shield,
His steadfast rampart.
His high wall of protection
For me is safeguard.
By night, terror surrounds,
But it cannot come near.
By day, arrows fly
But I feel no fear.
Creepy is the stalking
Of pestilence and scourge.
Sidelong and sideways
One thousand may fall.
Even more, ten thousand
But God’s name is my call.

There is no harm for you.
For you who make
My God your dwelling,
My God your refuge;
No disaster can touch,
No harm can befall.
For my God commands Angels!
Not just anyone,
But angel-armies;
To guard each step,
And all of your highways.
Angel-armies to hold you,
Lift you they do.
You will not trip or stumble.
Instead you will trample
The evil down and around.
You will tread on great lions,
Serpent and cobra.

God says,
“Because she loves me,
I will rescue her;
I will protect her
As she names my name.
She will call upon me,
And I will answer with care .
I will be with her in trouble;
I will deliver her
And honor her there.
Long life I will satisfy
And show how I save.”


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