In This World You Will Have Trouble but it’s OK

I have been feeling so emotional.  So discouraged and low.  I am overwhelmed at the darkness which circles me.  What a world!  The news cycle keeps coming.  There is no time to pause or ponder.  I don’t even have a chance to catch my breath before the next wave of bad or sad news hits.  And it feels as if I am being pounded in the surf with no mercy.

Why do these things hit me so hard?  Why do I care?  Can I not just let them roll off my back?  Most stories have no personal connection…so why bother with this compassion I feel?  Maybe I should just live my own sheltered, content life.

But it is not the time for that.

I weep with sadness even now as I write.   This must be God’s heart for the world.  How much more must His heart break for the broken pieces of this world?

God, give us a heart to hear and a heart to love in a world whose needs cannot even begun to be met.  Give us endurance to shine Light all around ourselves.  May there be little circles of light as we each cast into our spheres of influence.

It is not enough.  We are not enough.

But You are enough, God.  I will rest in this.

Few may ever read this piece, since I haven’t been sharing my blog with anyone.  But if you happen across it for some odd-reason, this is what I would say to you…

People of God, we must be walking in the Spirit.  We must allow Him to minister to us so that we can minister to a hurting world.  It is not time to sit back in our own little shelters.  It is time to speak, to shine, to cast this light.  We must be in step with God’s heart for the world.

And for people who are seeking but do not yet know God, know this:

There have been times in history for justice and anger, and there will be time again.  But His heart is not one of condemnation for you.  God’s heart is not one of hate.  God’s heart for you is mercy.  It’s His KINDNESS that leads us to repentance.

God’s heart is that that He will not lose even one.  His heart is that you would know His Father-love.  Not a broken-down, sitcom-dad kind of love, but the ultimate, perfect Father love.  The One you’ve been longing for and may not even realize.  Go ahead, fall into the arms of a Father who weeps with you.

John 16:33  Jesus said: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”