Shame(ful?) Self-Promotion

Searching for the balance here.

In a world of self-promotion and endless hashtags, how does one speak, share, write without getting caught up in distraction?

How does one self-promote without being self-promoting?

Does that even make sense?   I mean, you’ve gotta put yourself out there.  But I’d rather be unassuming.

Pretty possibly it’s impossible.  But here I go.  I feel the need to write and share.  I’ve always felt the need to share and write.  But I’ve held back for a lot of years, waited, figured that I didn’t have much to say yet.

I’m not really sure if I have much worth saying yet.  But I’m going to leap.

Don’t you dare let me get self-indulgent in my writing.  I’m trusting you to call me out if I do.